Shared Parenting/MAPP (SP/MAPP)

Leader Certification Workshops

Research indicates that the relationship between birth parents and foster parents predicts an important amount of success of permanency planning and well–being of the child. Shared Parenting offers 8 in– service training meetings that help foster parents to build essential skills for working effectively with birth parents in support of child safety, permanency, and well–being. Leaders will learn how to create an effective learning environment that meets the needs of experienced foster parents and how to model and apply the Strengths Approach in developing foster parenting skills.

Workshop Length:

4 Days


GPSII/MAPP Certification

Content of SP/MAPP:

  • Meeting 1: Finding A Way to Share
  • Meeting 2: Challenges to Partnerships in Parenting
  • Meeting 3: Making and Maintaining Boundaries
  • Meeting 4: Partnering with Parents Who Have Alcohol and Other Drug Problems
  • Meeting 5: Fear and Control
  • Meeting 6: Understanding the Impact of the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) and Shared Parenting
  • Meeting 7: Shared Parental Responsibilities
  • Meeting 8: Conflicting Family Cultures

How to Use SP/MAPP:

Each meeting may be conducted as a stand–alone 2 or 3 hour session, or the 8 meetings can also be delivered sequentially, building upon the skills of each prior meeting.

Resources for Shared Parenting:

Sponsored by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services through a training and administrative services agreement with the Center for Development of Human Services/Institute for Community Health and Promotion/SUNY Buffalo State