Group Preparation and Selection II/Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting (GPSII/MAPP)

Leader Certification Workshops

GPSII/MAPP is a program that helps prospective foster and adoptive parents make informed, mutual decisions with agency about whether foster parenting or adopting is right for their family.

Participants in the Leader Certification Workshops are prepared to co–lead the ten 3–hour meetings in the GPSII/MAPP program as well as to use family consultations and other tools of the program. All certified GPSII/MAPP leaders are also qualified to conduct Mini-MAPP.

A Spanish language version of the GPSII/MAPP curriculum is made available to certified GPSII/MAPP Leaders.

Workshop Length:

9 Days



Content of GPSII/MAPP:

  • Meeting 1: Welcome to the GPSII/MAPP Program
  • Meeting 2: Where the MAPP Leads: A Foster Care and Adoption Experience
  • Meeting 3: Losses and Gains: The Need to Be a Loss Expert
  • Meeting 4: Helping Children with Attachments
  • Meeting 5: Helping Children and Youth Learn to Manage Their Behaviors
  • Meeting 6: Helping Children with Birth Family Connections
  • Meeting 7: Gains and Losses: Helping Children Leave Foster Care
  • Meeting 8: Understanding the Impact of Fostering or Adopting
  • Meeting 9: Teamwork and Partnership in Foster Care and Adoption
  • Meeting 10: Endings and Beginnings

How to Use GPSII/MAPP:

The ten meetings are designed to be offered sequentially by at least two leaders once a week along with the other tools of the program including family self–assessments, individual family consultations, and written development plans.

Resources for GPSII/MAPP:

Sponsored by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services through a training and administrative services agreement with the Center for Development of Human Services/Institute for Community Health and Promotion/SUNY Buffalo State