Deciding Together/MAPP (DT/MAPP)

Leader Certification Workshops

An alternative to GPSII/MAPP, Deciding Together provides a comprehensive preparation and mutual selection process for individual prospective foster and adoptive families who cannot participate in group meetings. Deciding Together can also be used by smaller agencies that do not have sufficient numbers of participants to make GPSII/MAPP a viable option.

Through these workshops, GPSII/MAPP leaders will learn how to work closely with the individual families using six parent guidebooks.

Workshop Length:

2 1/2 Days


GPSII/MAPP Certification

Content of DT/MAPP:

  • Book 1: Understanding Foster Care and Adoption Today
  • Book 2: Understanding Separation and Loss
  • Book 3: Helping Children Express and Meet Their Needs
  • Book 4: Helping Children Maintain and Build Connections
  • Book 5: Understanding the Impact of Fostering and Adopting on Families
  • Book 6: Building Support Systems for Foster and Adoptive Families

How to Use DT/MAPP:

A special feature of the Deciding Together is its high degree of flexibility and adaptability. Leaders assign parts of the parent guidebooks for prospective foster /adoptive parents to complete prior to the consultations and reserve other activities in the guidebooks to complete with the family during consultations. The guidebooks are designed to allow individuals to proceed at their own pace. Prospective foster/adoptive parents and leaders can work out a mutually satisfactory schedule for at least seven consultations that are recommended to review the six guidebooks.

Each family should be given at least one week to complete each book.

Sponsored by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services through a training and administrative services agreement with the Center for Development of Human Services/Institute for Community Health and Promotion/SUNY Buffalo State