Caring for Our Own/MAPP (CFOO/MAPP)

Leader Certification Workshops

Caring for Our Own is an educational/group support program for relative/kinship caregivers. Through nine meetings, relative caregivers are provided with information about services and resources available, receive support from other caregivers, develop ongoing support networks, build skills to better parent the children in their homes, and learn to manage and enhance their relationship with birth parents and agencies. Leaders will learn how to effectively create and support a support group environment.

Workshop Length:

4 days



Content of CFOO/MAPP:

  • Meeting 1: Introduction to Caring for Our Own
  • Meeting 2: Assessing the Impact of the Children Living in My Home
  • Meeting 3: Looking at My Role in Achieving Permanency
  • Meeting 4: Assessing the Strengths and Needs of the Children in My Care
  • Meeting 5: Building on the Strengths and Meeting the Needs of the Children in My Care
  • Meeting 6: Preparing Children and Youth for the Future
  • Meeting 7: Understanding the issues of Birth Parents
  • Meeting 8: Working with Birth Parents to Achieve Permanency for Their Children
  • Meeting 9: Networking and Moving Ahead

How to Use CFOO/MAPP:

The nine educational support group meetings are designed to be conducted sequentially once a week.

Resources for Caring for Our Own:

Sponsored by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services through a training and administrative services agreement with the Center for Development of Human Services/Institute for Community Health and Promotion/SUNY Buffalo State