COMPASS – FYI (First Year In-Service)

Leader Certification Workshops

COMPASS-FYI is an activity oriented and skills-based in-service training program designed for foster parents who have been certified through GPSII/MAPP. The program is composed of nine 3–hour sessions that build on the concepts introduced in GPSII/MAPP and focus on developing skills that foster parents use in everyday family life.

Through these workshops, certified GPSII/MAPP leaders learn how to facilitate the COMPASS-FYI program.

Workshop Length:

4 Days


GPSII/MAPP Certification

Content of COMPASS-FYI:

  • Session 1: Fostering to Achieve Outcomes
  • Session 2: Using Helping Skills to Build Relationships
  • Session 3: Promoting Child Development
  • Session 4: Supporting Emotional Security and Attachment
  • Session 5: Helping Children Grieve
  • Session 6: Supporting Reunification through Visitation
  • Session 7: Providing Safety
  • Session 8: Preparing Youth for Independent Living
  • Session 9: Creating Partnerships and Working as Team


It is recommended that the first three sessions are delivered in sequence so that foster parents will have the foundation skills and information to be used in the remaining six sessions. All nine sessions also have a “stand alone” delivery option.

Resources for COMPASS-FYI:

Sponsored by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services through a training and administrative services agreement with the Center for Development of Human Services/Institute for Community Health and Promotion/SUNY Buffalo State